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Brilliant Silence

Piercing Veils

By OneWithPenPublished 9 days ago 1 min read

Starlight in a resplendent gaze that encompasses the future.

A shadow intertwines and dances within crimson veins surrounding the Earthy Brown Iris, alighting with hope. A fist with the index finger and thumb tightly caressing the silver-black shaft between them.

A tip at the end of the shaft points downward, dancing across sheets of white with cyan lines swimming through it. A boldness causes the hand to clench tighter as the heart above it pumps faster, sending blood to maintain the spell that overtakes the hand wielding it.

Surpassing fear, neither gravity nor element, neither man nor obstacle can halt the spear's dance. Vector upon vector, mark after mark, sear through white with black, indigo, and magenta runes expressing joy and sorrow.

The story of the wielder flows through space, piercing time as the future becomes a memory, the past transforms into the present, and the present transcribes to catalyze change.

Eyes twinkle brighter while crimson leaks through budding vermillion veins. The veins threaten the gaze held within the muddy Iris to the hand that overwrites the purity contained within blankness. The eyes ignore all threats, focused and filled with hope as the spear dances on, thrusting and sweeping as it creates beauty while destroying the remnants of the purity once before it.

The spear finally pierces the veils of time, thought, will, and matter while the wielder groans in satisfaction, returning the spear to their embrace. Lastly, the wielder plants a kiss on their lifelong companion.

A silence returns to them, where they may dance forever.

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I read and write daily to plan and organize my life. I read self-help books, poetry, and other curiosities. I enjoy physical training and quality time with my family. I live in P.A.I.N. read about it.

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