Brief Absence to a Baby

by Monique Star about a year ago in childrens poetry

What does my sister think when I leave the room?

Walking Pillow is on the couch.

She uses a big stick to put on Elmo.

She's squishy and warm,

I don't know if I want to leave it and play

Or stay and nap.

Wait, what's this?

I'm floating to the playpen?

But I can't knock over pillows

Or run around silly in there.

What does "I'll be right back" mean?

"I'm leaving forever"?

One, two,

What should I do?

Three, four,

Fuss some more.

Five, six,

Give the walls some kicks.

Seven, eight,

Can't stand the wait.

Nine, ten,

She's back again!

I float from the playpen

And can choose between play and snuggles again.

childrens poetry
Monique Star
Monique Star
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Monique Star

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