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Braced Imagines and Graves

Looking into the distance and wondering how the demons survive

By KuroHoshiPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Braced Imagines and Graves
Photo by Ryan Cryar on Unsplash

wings and halos were everything

I used to sing those verses and gather glory underneath the light

Now under ash and darkness, I lost everything

Static in the cracked tv, floorboards fill with burned and rotten skin

Small regrets but I had to do it

But why have I ascended? Why hasn't my vision gone away

"Who said you would join paradise so soon?"

That flesh bubbled and moved

Mixing with the nightmares and drugs

That's when I noticed the skeletons I keep in the closet just got bigger

humming figures birth in the shadows

A new age of demonic shenanigans

Their horns glowed and their smiles were sharp

Bodies jagged, long, and vibrating with the darkness

These animals who once lived in my house found a way like I have

Laughing at the ashes and grabbing everything that is left on the floor,

Breaking, rekindling, and ensuring complete annihilation of everything.

I turn the volume of the static, feeling the last of my humanity in me


The aura of death surrounding me, I reach for the demons by the neck

Held them down as they want to hear my pain

See tears

watch my smile break

But I remembered what I gave up, to have a better life

Dancing on the ground without a care, they overwhelm me

Claiming names, declaring themselves as lords

They look back on what's left of me

I didn't know who they were; we bonded over sins

Yet they knew I was a threat

Because I wouldn't let anyone get in my way.

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About the Creator


A Poet, An Artist, and the person who tries to become a living star

I write the about the creatures from underneath my mind

Some are happy, others are truthful, but I'll let you decide what's their fate

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