Book of Love

by Clari Garza 2 years ago in love poems

Short Poem

Book of Love

[Book of Love]

I keep your face saved,

I am sensing there is a secret book to your heart,

A book only you have thoroughly read,

You, the author, know your insides well,

All I know, authorship, your book has a different story to tell, simplicity,

Shaped with different experiences and wrinkles in time,

The space between us shrinks once I think about space in between,

You and I,

I love you like simple atoms fit into every corner of this black and white reality,

Do you know your heart has its own mind,

Here in this planet, I will approach plenty of black and whites,

But there is a book,

I will find..

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Clari Garza
Clari Garza
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