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Boarding School

A poem about the boarding school I went to over the summer.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Boarding School
Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

Boarding school was a great summer memory I have (in some ways it was).

Giant trees littered the campus and nice people and energy-filled air.

It brought joy to my heart when my friends and I tried to get struck by lightning.

And when I ate cereal and pasta for every meal every single day we were there.

When we also learned nothing but science for that whole time period.

It was so lovely, the birds were singing their songs of bird-ness.

And we had to do chores because I didn’t leave my phone in the hallway.

The teachers stayed in the same dorms as us.

So they would knock on the doors, that we couldn’t close during the day, to say lights out.

Curfew was at eleven pm.

They would also shut off the internet at that time.

I saved things to my camera roll and watched Minecraft videos all night.

We didn’t do much, at all.

I had a blast and it made this summer very special.

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Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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