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by Elizabeth Nabret 3 years ago in love poems

When I Fell in Love

This morning you asked me

if I could write a piece about the bird

In the pine beside our tent

I can

And you began to sing

a song meant for the blue jay

With wings as clear and shimmering

as the sky before the sun has risen over the horizon

And I looked into your eyes

and knew that I was in love

And I’m not sure that I didn’t know it before

But the blue jay singing in the tree

Was a sign

And it flew away with a soft flutter of

gentle lightness

While a smile played across your dirty face

You saw it in my eyes


you kissed me

And my heart felt full

There in the woods beside you

With the blue-jay in the pine beside us.

love poems

Elizabeth Nabret

I am a lover of the written arts, and think that expression through word is important. I am a teacher, a poet, a lover, an ally, a musician, and story teller, and I will search for and try to write stories that inspire.

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Elizabeth Nabret
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