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Blooming Stage

by Zari's Diary 3 years ago in inspirational
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The Strength of a Flower

(Me) Zari surrounded by flowers in a collage.


Recently, I was inspired to write about my struggles with having confidence. At some point, we all have experience these struggles. I started writing this symbolic poem about conquering self-doubt. Self-doubt plays a role in lowing our amount of confidence.

When reading this poem pay attention to the words. I am telling a story about a bud that could not blossom; until she bloomed. I hope to help someone who is experiencing similar issues with their confidence. So, Let's bloom together as flowers!


I am a bud waiting to bloom.

I didn't know it took this long.

I can't wait any longer.

Finally, I've had enough of the lies! The destruction, voices of eruption!

Snip! Do you hear that sound?

Could it be the sound of a knife cutting through my small stem of confidence?

I will not fight. I am ready for a new stage in life - change!

My layers are beginning to peel back!

I am starting to open myself to growth, gratitude, opportunity.

Before, I was closed tight like a bud. I was unable to see the light.

Now, my beam has peaked!

Before, I tried to do something. Now, I just do it!

Before, I was close. Now, I am here

I am a flower in bloom.

I am the flower that never dies.

My petals can be sprinkled over a goddess.

The unworthy could never pick me from the crowd.

I mingle with gorgeous butterflies; they glorify my sweet, surprising nectar.

Sibling flowers are bewildered by my beauty - strength.

I rise like Maya, and spread out with my father soil.

Mother water showers me with her gifts.

I grow in bliss!

My stem is retouched!

I am no longer the bud that never grew. I am a flower in bloom!

Before, I was confused.

I did not realize destruction actually works.

I had to disrupt my human dysfunction.

I made an assumption.

I thought small confidence was good but, bold confidence is better!

I am a flower in bloom!


About the author

Zari's Diary

Hey everyone! I'm Zari welcome to my diary! I started this blog to express and discuss my passion for writing, crochet, art, singing, dance, and poetry! Yes! I'm very talented! Follow me as I create!

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