My Dream Yarn

Witness a Whimsical Escape!

My Dream Yarn

I believe it all happened near the clouds of my mind

Where two things decided to combine.

I then created something so divine!

Thurs, A dream yarn was born,

Among the fruit of happiness

Beneath the confinement of pain

Layered within my memory brain.

A dream yarn? Yes, a yarn.

I’m not referring to fiber but, an incredible tale of much detail.

I don’t have to worry or think too hard

My dream yarns often catch me off guard.

My Dream yarns often tell a story that connects with my layered soul

My Dream yarns are so vivid and bold

My Dream yarns are my moments clustered into gold

My Dream yarns are the pictures of my soul

My Dream yarns are the rhythm of my subconscious life

My Dream yarns represent my imagination of complex thoughts that break into existence

My Dream yarns my glorious visions of creative decisions

Yes, a dream yarn what an awesome premonition.

Yes, a dream yarn, a whimsical escape!

Yes, a dream yarn, my incredible tale of much detail.

A Dream Yarn!

Zari's Diary
Zari's Diary
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