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By ANITA RACHELLEPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Western Motel, 1957 by Edward Hopper

A bit of drama threatens to ensue.

But shall it arrive at my doorstop

Carefully or with no warning?

Dominating in presence

Expecting me to succumb?

Forcibly instilling an agenda

Gaslighting as it goes?

Happily I wait,

Incredulous at the threat,

Joking to all who hear.

Killing any negativity,

Languishing in the now,

Moving away from future.

Nodding to past,

Observing only present.

Perhaps naïve with blinders,

Quickly wiping away

Remnants of fear

Sitting solidly atop

Tantalizing success.

Underscoring idiosyncrasies,

Valiantly ignoring knocks,

Waxing poetic indoors.

Xeroxing today to experience again

Yesterday and tomorrow.

Zipping through chapters blissfully unaware.

Stream of Consciousnesssurreal poetryperformance poetryOdeFor Funfact or fictionart

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