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by Tina S 2 months ago in social commentary

We can help

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

The parents were cooking

The children still asleep

A house of nine rooms

And in the driveway a Jeep

They went out

To get some fresh air

They found people stranded

The sight was not rare

Covered up in blankets

With all their belongings to their side

Everyone pretended not to see

Their human rights being denied

One of the children poked his father

Dad, why are they sleeping in the streets

The father was not pleased with the question

Why would you even care son, We are elites

So the family turned their cheek

The child never asked again

This is how we got here

We’re taught to play pretend

Pretend you don’t see the people in need

Pretend you don’t care

Pretend that it’s their problem

Pretend that you’re not aware

There are people that are homeless

There are people that are in need

What are we all doing

We have mouths to feed

Some think they're superior

Because they have a bed to sleep on

But what would they do

If their bed was long gone

Wouldn’t they have faith in the people

To come lift them to their feet

Well maybe they shouldn’t

Because instead of helping, we aid in their defeat

If the father had talked to the people

That were bundled up on the ground

Wouldn’t you think it would have made a difference

If he didn’t just turn around

He should have talked to them

For he has possible resources

That could help lift them up

And enrich their fight with their forces

All tips from this poem will go to people in need who are unable to afford medicine for themselves or their families. If you have even a dollar that you could donate, please considering doing so because your dollar could help save lives. If you are unable to donate, sharing this poem might bringing awareness and remind people to give back to those in need.

Please take this opportunity to help others.

Thank you for reading. Let today be a day we provide help to people. We can do something, together.

This poem was originally published on Medium.

social commentary
Tina S
Tina S
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Tina S

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