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We Can Do Something

by Tina S 3 months ago in heartbreak / inspirational / social commentary

A Poem

We Can Do Something
Photo by Fredrick Lee on Unsplash

As I sat in my bed

My mind faded to another place

A place that I knew so little about

It is often looked upon in disgrace

“Go get a job”

I recalled a man yell

To the poor lady in the corner

A phrase she knew very well

Why didn’t I go up to her

Why didn’t I ask

How can I assist you

The woman in me would do any task

But I didn’t go up to her

I didn’t even look

Why do we think

We have the ability to read someone like a book

Who knows what she might be going through

Who knows how she got here

What we should know for sure

Is that she shouldn’t be living in fear

We can do something

All of us together

To help the people in need

Resist the cold weather

We can donate

Or offer our assistance

Even just talking

Helps them fight their resistance

Any tips from this poem will go to people in need who are unable to afford medicine for themselves or their families. If you have even a dollar that you could donate, please considering doing so because your dollar could help save lives. If you are unable to donate, sharing this poem might bringing awareness and remind people to give back to those in need.

Please take this opportunity to help others.

Thank you for reading. Let today be a day we provide help to people. We can do something, together.

This poem was originally published on Medium.

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Tina S
Tina S
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Tina S

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