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Black and White

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By Moharif YuliantoPublished 26 days ago 2 min read
Black and White
Photo by Jordi Vich Navarro on Unsplash

The world unfurls in shades of stark,

A canvas painted after dark.

Not absence of color, but a choice,

To see in shadows, hear in noise.

Black, the raven's wing at night,

A starless sky, a moonless light.

The depths of oceans, vast and cold,

Secrets whispered, stories told.

White, the first snowfall, crisp and clean,

A blank page waiting to be seen.

A dove's soft feathers, taking flight,

Purity's embrace, a guiding light.

These opposites, a dance they weave,

Defining moments, they believe.

The hero's journey, blackest night,

Before the dawn's triumphant white.

The villain's heart, a chilling black,

A twisted soul, forever on the attack.

The grieving tear, a single white,

Aching loss, swallowed by the night.

But life's not always black and white,

There's twilight's hush, the fading light.

The storm's gray fury, tearing through,

A blend of chaos, born anew.

The weathered face, etched with lines,

A tapestry of joyful times,

And moments etched in shades of gray,

Where laughter's echo fades away.

Love's tapestry, a vibrant weave,

Threads of sorrow, threads we grieve.

The fiery passion, burning bright,

Cools to embers in the night.

The newborn's cry, a tender sound,

A blank slate waiting to be found.

Innocence, a perfect white,

Unmarred by shadows, bathed in light.

As seasons change, the world transforms,

Sunlight fades, a storm reforms.

The vibrant greens of summer's dream,

Turn to golds and browns, a fading gleam.

But life persists, in shades untold,

A story whispered, brave and bold.

The resilience of the human heart,

Finds beauty in the falling apart.

For black and white are tools, you see,

To paint the world, for you and me.

To highlight moments, stark and bare,

And leave the richness in the air.

The laughter's echo, long suppressed,

The hero's triumph, briefly blessed.

The villain's fall, a fleeting sight,

Lost in the canvas of the night.

So let us look beyond the frame,

Where colors dance, a whispered name.

For in the heart, a spectrum lies,

A million hues reflected in our eyes.

Embrace the black, the stark and strong,

Embrace the white, where hope belongs.

But most of all, embrace the space between,

Where life unfolds, in shades unseen.


About the Creator

Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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