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Between Truth & Lies

by Archana Karthikeyan 27 days ago in social commentary


Get to the Truth

It’s the stories,

All the stories,

They tell you,

You think about them,

You tell them or not,

You hear about them,

They hear about you,

They think about you,

Tell you might or might not.

So many permutations

And combinations to sift

And sort through.

So sift and sort,


The more elaborate the story,

The more captivating,

If what is being presented

Is what you want to believe

And what you wish to be true,

Beware ensnarement.

Truth is often the mystery.

It needs to be concealed

Because it’s so powerful,

It can shatter any illusion.

It is what you discern from

What is being presented but more

Importantly from what is not.

What you are being

Guided and goaded to perceive

To keep you from figuring out

The hidden treasure of truth.

social commentary

Archana Karthikeyan

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Archana Karthikeyan
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