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Better Below

The call of the void

By Erin BarteskiPublished 4 years ago 1 min read
Better Below
Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

“L’appel du vide” the call of the void

Freud called it the "Death Drive"

Poe called it the "Imp of the Perverse"

I stand at the edge of the cliff

Loose rocks tumbling down beneath my feet on unsteady ground

Heights have always terrified me but I’ve been drawn to them my entire life

The silent cry of desolation beckons me

Peering down into the yawning abyss

It wasn’t until it was too late

That you finally realized you needed me

You spoke words with such fervor

Could you hear my heart in pain?

Probably not, you only care about yourself

And what everyone else could do for you

I wish I had that luxury

But I am prisoner in this body of flesh

I do what it tells me to do no matter the cost

The lines between reality and fantasy blur

As I walk this lonely plane of existence

In this shattered image, I see the world for what it truly is

I am falling... and the undertow is so strong

The pull into the unknown is even greater

Seaweed welcomes me home in its comforting embrace

The oblivion of sleep

Just cold, quiet darkness

Maybe it is better below

sad poetry

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Erin Barteski

Fascination with the unknown

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