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being dark skinned

by Gladys W. Muturi 23 days ago in slam poetry

It's not that easy being dark skinned (inspired by the lyrics of being green by Jim Henson “Kermit the frog” )

being dark skinned
Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

It's not that easy being dark skinned

Having to spend each day

Wandering if I was different like other people

Maybe if I was white or tan or maybe light-skinned or something different color skin tone like that

If it makes the society better like that

But there are people who will say that I will lack

Whether its people with doubts and prone to my skin tone

I've always been kept in a lower tone

You say you want a lighter tone

Pretty for a dark skinned girl

But not beautiful enough

But I'm fine being who I am

This is who I am

Even if they hate, I'll ignore it

Hopefully they will see adore it

Sooner or later I'll make some endorsements

Be a supermodel like Naomi and an actress like Lupita

Find elegant dresses that makes me better

Look healthier, Live longer

Make them show that my skin is worth it

I am beautiful for dark skin girl

Better yet a beautiful dark skin woman

That's who I am

And always be

Being me

Dark and Lovely

That's what I want to be

slam poetry

Gladys W. Muturi

Hello, My name is Gladys W. Muturi. I am an Actress, Writer, Filmmaker, Producer, and Mother of 1. I write for a living and act for my life.

Instagram: @gladys_muturi95

Twitter: @gladys_muturi

Facebook: facebook.com/gladystheactress

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Gladys W. Muturi
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