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Behind Closed Doors

by Donna Siggers 11 months ago in heartbreak

By Donna Siggers

Behind Closed Doors

Cruelty that erupts into a tremendous storm

From the callousness of words that form.

The constant battering of my soul

Because of your need for ultimate control.

Hands that caressed then squeezed my throat

Angry eyes: your mood they’d denote.

Fists that knocked me to the floor

Just another day behind the closed door.

Each time I rose with my dignity bruised

For so long I saw you were excused.

Until that day I’d had enough

You found my threat to leave wasn’t a bluff.

Every attempt to stop me was avoided

All you did to harm me was exploited.

That you broke me was a gift so fine

For unless there’s darkness, stars never shine.

Donna Siggers
Donna Siggers
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Donna Siggers
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