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Bee Darling

by Shannon Hilson 7 months ago in surreal poetry

A Poem About Identity and Self-Realization

Bee Darling
Photo by Dmitry Grigoriev on Unsplash

Liquid yellow world

Wrapped around Bee Darling

Under the light of the moon at noon

Reverie balanced like a dancer

Atop a block from the ice house.

Bee Darling, you are sweet.

Red paper lanterns

Honey light

Lemon lover

Aura bright.

Cottage in the North

Built around Bee Darling

Dampness of moss fills the path of the wagon.

Silence is the song of the year

And the swollen moon that governs here.

Bee Darling, you are chronic.

Dizzy dulcet

Raven hair


Honey pear.

Dandy lion heart

Beating for Bee Darling

Butter yellow confusion

Daffodil laughter sweet and sharp

Riddles, feathers, apathy

Beneath the mossy canopy.

Bee Darling, you are cruel

Needle chaser

Ocean eye



Stinging insect burning bright

In the middle of the night

Haunting hill and haunting dale

Fading once the sky grows pale.

surreal poetry

Shannon Hilson

I'm a full-time copywriter, blogger, and critic from Monterey, California. Outside of the work I do for my clients, I'm a pretty eclectic writer. I dabble in a little of everything, including fiction and poetry.

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Shannon Hilson
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