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Beautifully Broken

by Rebecca K 2 months ago in sad poetry
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not my image

Filled with doubt

Eyes overflowing with tears

Hurting and yet very ashamed

Finding new ways to numb the pain

I'm broken and lost

I'm so far gone - have I gone insane?

You say I'm still beautiful

My rebuttal is that I'm beautifully broken

Unworthy and full of fear that I could never be whole again

Fears of abuse fears of being unloved

Haunted by self-guilt and choices made

Giving all my heart yet darkness still closes in

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Fears of sleep fears of living

PTSD anxiety and nightmares then triggers galore

Wanting and needing a life change

The hardest part is taking the first step

Admitting that I was broken

Admitting that I am a survivor

Accepting that I truly am Beautifully Broken

Yet so much more

sad poetry

About the author

Rebecca K

As a lover of arts and the the truth I enjoy writing. It allows me to express myself while sharing life lessons, precious moments and even the unspeakable moments through my poetry.

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