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Beast of Kindness

The Mr. Beast Tribute

By krisaleenPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

A modern-day hero, with a noble hand.

Mr. Beast, his name in lights aglow,

Wherever he treads, kindness does flow.

With a heart of gold and a vision so grand,

He lends helping hands throughout the land.

From sheltering homeless to planting a tree,

He spreads love and hope, for all to see.

In the digital age, where numbers prevail,

He uses his platform to set a new trail.

A philanthropic giant, with millions in tow,

Changing countless lives with each generous throw.

In the forests he wanders, the oceans so deep,

His mission for nature, he ardently keeps.

With #TeamTrees and #TeamSeas, side by side,

He rallies the world, in the planet's great stride.

He's climbed mountains of burgers and tasted their might,

All to raise funds for a noble, just fight.

From squirming in snakes to living in slime,

His challenges raise fortunes, every single time.

With friends by his side, they conquer the tough,

Enduring the hardships, no matter how rough.

They inspire the world to give and to care,

To join in the quest, to answer the prayer.

For Mr. Beast's magic is not in his wealth,

It's in his compassion, his spirit, his health.

To make the world better, one act at a time,

With hope as his compass, in rhythm and rhyme.

So here's to Mr. Beast, a beacon so bright,

Guiding us all towards a future so right.

May his kindness inspire, his legacy thrive,

As we learn from his heart, how to truly live.


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Passionate storyteller sharing tales of adventure, love, and life with a sprinkle of humor. Join me on a journey of words that will awaken your senses and captivate your heart. #Writer #Storyteller #Adventure #Love #Humor #Wordsmith

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