Be You

by Tessa Giasson about a year ago in inspirational

"It's different here..." Here being in Asia? In Korea? Tradition divides us, but beyond that, humanity should unite us. It's our world to change, all of us.

Be You

Falling, hitting every branch on the way down

When we hit the dirt are we bruised and broken?

Maybe we weren’t quite ready to be pushed around.

But are we strong enough to push through the pain, brave enough to be outspoken?

Say goodbye to having to wait for the mail

This is the information age, where we can speak out, where we claim to be free

But now it’s just small town gossip on a big city scale

You do something something at school, the whole town knows by three.

From every side we hear the same

Each angle words our worst fear differently

But it’s the same words, finding who to blame.

So we wait, we listen patiently.

From our brothers and our sisters

“Stay silent, stay safe, don’t tell who you don’t have to.”

From our teachers and our parents

“It’s just a phase, ignore it, don’t tell who you don’t have to.”

And more, from people, who shouldn’t even have a say

“You weren’t born that way…

You can change…

but don’t tell who you don’t have to.”

Don’t tell

Don’t speak

Don’t think

Don’t breathe

How much time do you have here?

A century, if you’re lucky

A few decades if you’re not

No way to tell if you’ll die today? Tomorrow? Or maybe you’ll just disappear...

What will you do with your time?

Will you you be the change you want to see?

Or will you simply fall in line?

This choice is never made for us, a small thing that does make us free.

“It’s different here.”

I hear them say, while covering their face.

“It won’t change, there no point, now hush before they overhear.”

It’s fear of upsetting a stranger, we can only talk in a safe space.

“It’s different here.”

Again and again, I hear the same thing

“It’s different here.”

Those words, they sting.

Our world won’t change if we do nothing.

Our world won’t change if we stay quiet.

Our world might change if we do something.

Our world just might change if we try it.

Don’t stay silent

Don’t ignore it

It’s not a phase

Don’t try and change

Be free

Be honest

Be brave

Be you.

Tessa Giasson
Tessa Giasson
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Tessa Giasson

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