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I Won't Let Them

by Tessa Giasson about a year ago in inspirational

Changing the World, One Day at a Time #VocalNPM

I Won't Let Them

I am what I am

And I'm not what I'm not

I've tried to fit in

To their little box

Tried for years to fit in

But now that I've stopped...

I cannot forget

what I've always held dear

I've lied, I've hidden, I've locked it away

I won't let them

I won't let them

No the world won't forget

What they've done to you

What they've told us

What they've shown us

I won't let them

All that we want

All that we've wanted

Is what they've always had

What they've taken for granted

Are we less?

Are they more?

Who are they to deny

The happiness in store

For my people

I won't let them

It's happened time and time again

The little guy

We're just this big

They're huge

We're the little guy

Point five percent?

Do we even matter?

Do we get a say?

Do we get an opinion?

In this world we all live in?

No? Okay...

Then we'll fight and we'll fight

Just as we've done for years

We'll call for what's right

Our hand has been forced

We just want a world

Where no one's the main course

In this needless,




Until they admit, that we're in the right.

For our people we'll fight.

We're in every nation

In every city

On every block

Just listen you'll hear

As we're silenced and pushed around

Disowned and cut off

The ones that were supposed to listen

They were supposed to protect us

Do they even care?

Not if they don't love us

As we are right now

They left us stumbling

Alone in the dark

And I won't let them

We are what we are

And we're not what we're not

We've tried for years to fit in

To their little box

Beat down and outmatched

But now we're here To say

Thank you

You've made us stronger

You've given us a new family

Each other

Years of fighting

And we're here

Getting closer

To a world that knows

Love is love

And we'll all love this world


we're Together

And we'll be alright

Finally we can see the light

After years of hiding

We won't hide anymore

Now you know Our agenda

Not so secret after all

Just to even the score

All we want is the truth

In the light of the day

Unmarked, unjudged

A walk down the street

Hand in hand

Under the sun

With the one that you love

No stares

No whispers

Is that so wrong?


We'll get there

We'll tell them

Tessa Giasson
Tessa Giasson
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Tessa Giasson

My main focus is gay rights, but after saying that, it isn't all I care about. I'm an ESL tutor, animal lover, a music enthusiast, a witch, but above all, I'm a writer, it's in my blood and in my heart. I hope you enjoy! Insta- @daliaveyani

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