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Be Wary of Me

by Briana White 4 years ago in heartbreak

A Poem

Be wary of me My eyes will enslave you Bring you to your knees And wish to worship me I will shake you to your core

Be wary of meI will love you unlike anyone else Bring you joys beyond imagine Make you think this is Heaven And have you falling for every move I make

Be wary of me I am a tidal wave of desctruction I bring havok wherever I land I will make you believe in magik For there is no way I am real

Be wary of me You will care for me like you have no other before I will convince you that I am the best And I will leave when you are not I am a disaster in a red dress Be wary of me I will hurt you And I tell you this now For I do not wish to hurt another But I do not think you can stop me

Be wary of me For I am wary of me I watch my madness take over Without a way to end it all I am sorry for the pain

Be wary of me Do not get closer Do not engage For if you love meIf you fall for my devil eyes and silver tongue

I will hurt you in the end


About the author

Briana White

Just a 20 year old person trying to get my words and thoughts out there

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