Be Patient with Me

Patience is a virtue.

Everything is love because the moment I was introduced to your energy I felt like I knew you. Longtime lovers we had evolved into human form, but that’s not how I story began. We slowly became everything that God had imagined and He placed into our minds of what you call a Dream, but is His version of reality. The physical realm moves real slow, but when God moves, it's high speed. You were on a slow move up, but I noticed you was into me. We were focused on each other, but we grew individually. A divine separation. I keep you by my side cause I know everything about you faithfully. I saw you in my dreams that’s how I remembered you so easily. I followed you from a child now I’m grown and we are still in love I thank God for you and me. I know a spiritual relationship is different from the world you see. You see people are lying and out of balance and don’t care about a thing. I’m not one to judge, but I know how to read. I can read that the energy is so misleading. Morals, values, standards are what’s key! A queen holds it down so that she can attract her king Every action has consequences that why I learn to keep my peace. God keeps my heart secured, so I don’t ruin His plans for me. I don’t do this on my own because He has never left, but I know that for the masculine he needs extra help. Whatever I do he feels my energy. We’re connected so when I evolve he grows spiritually. All men are accustomed to a lower frequency so in reality he’ll evolve at a slower speed. Pray for him because temptation comes and the enemy doesn’t want him to succeed. All I know is when I focus on me we both grow at a higher speed. When I focus on him, I lose focus on me and that just creates confusion. I don’t want to be irritated for any reason. I let all that drama go and got back to being. I had to put action forth for us to come together in this season. I want you to be your best, so I’m not leaving. I know it’s a lot to handle in life, but I know you got what it takes to push through because when we come together it will be so beautiful.


performance poetry
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