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Be Brave

How to deal with confusion

By Sylvia RogersPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Be Brave
Photo by Francesco Califano on Unsplash

One day in our lives

We won’t be able to tell up from down

and the only way to figure it out

Is to jump

The only problem is

Sometimes you don’t know which way

you are going to land

That is the scary part

About life though

You will never know what is going to happen

I jumped

And landed on my head

Everything upside down

Everything wrong

Now though, after time has passed

I recommend being brave

And I encourage people

To tell up from down

And jump

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Sylvia Rogers

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Comments (1)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    This was so deep and uplifting! Loved your poem!

SRWritten by Sylvia Rogers

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