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Rock bottom politics

By CalligrapheePublished 2 years ago 1 min read

I stayed up all night listening to how your free trial on love expired, spiritually and emotionally drained I heard the words come from your lips exhausted saying you were tired.

Labeled yourself as damaged goods, packed up feelings and boxed emotions allowing people to toss you around disregarding your fragile heart, pride creating lost translations, tears fall from your brown cheeks after every conversation and you still think about her.

Wrapped inside of her stagnant frequency while you submissively open yourself to exchange energy, falling for her poison unaware that she was a snake, coiled around your thoughts suffocating from the inside out she’s got a hold on you.

Reminding me of a similar time when it was I that used to hold you.....I guess things are different now

sad poetry

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Writing is an escape unmatched, my stories will allow any reader to mentally travel to any destination I paint with my words.

So enjoy the ride...I come in peace or pieces.


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