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Backspace, Delete

Trying to find a story I can live with

By Crystal JacksonPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Backspace, Delete
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How I stretched to reach a story I could live with, a role that I could play

When you gave our love up like it had never been

I tried to dis-remember -- the way you so easily did

I tell myself you never showed, and pizza slices on my plate grew cold

As my friend tugged my hand and we boarded another train

We neared the tower where I’d give my love away

But I never looked up because you never came

And I forgot about you in the days to come

As I sat by an empty chair and watched heartbreak on a stage

Erased every memory, colored in other lines

Every beautiful moment I’d once thought anointed, divine

Backspaced until it was only ever mine

Is that how you held back the flood?

Is that how you stayed strong?

If you could believe we never were?

If you could say I was the one who disappointed our song?

A shallow love you felt while I drowned in the deep

Memories you discarded that I can’t keep

Was it because you didn’t remember me in your arms?

Was it because you turned around and I never saw you across that room?

I wasn’t waiting in that window

The love we began just never … was

Is that how you can live with this twisted story of us?

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About the Creator

Crystal Jackson

Crystal Jackson is a former therapist turned author. Her work has been featured on Medium, Elite Daily, NewsBreak, Your Tango, and The Good Men Project. She is the author of the Heart of Madison series and 3 volumes of poetry.

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