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Awakening from a Dream

A Free Poem

By Reynol BrennanPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Awakening from a dream, as the night unfolds,

A gentle breeze caresses the horizon of gold.

Vague and faint, remnants of the dream,

Linger within, like a mystical theme.

The haze of yesteryears fades with the dawn,

Memories' melody gradually withdrawn.

The elusive shadows veiled in mist,

Disperse amidst the morning's bliss.

Through the river of time I traverse,

Awakened from slumber, dreams immerse.

The growing clarity reveals its clue,

Awakening from a dream, where truth ensues.

Laughter and sorrow from days gone by,

All but experiences in a dreamy sky.

In that ephemeral realm we wander,

Seeking our destiny, heart's yearning ponder.

Awakening from a dream, melodies play,

Plucking gently heartstrings every day.

A tune that stirs emotions deep,

Resonating freely, releasing what we keep.

The perplexity once lost in haze,

Dispelled with the realms of a dreamy phase.

Awakening from a dream, greeted by morn,

Embracing hope, dispelling inner-born.

The path ahead unfolds in its way,

Awakening from a dream, let's seize the day.

With wings of the soul, transcending time's bend,

Unveiling life's possibilities without end.

Awakening from a dream, reality intertwined,

Savoring the journey of the elusive mind.

No longer confined to slumber's embrace,

We explore the depths of our truest grace.

Awakening from a dream, illuminating the path,

With wisdom and courage, dispelling the aftermath.

Facing the unknown of the upcoming day,

Boldly we stride towards our destined array.

Awakening from a dream, embracing the call,

Awakening dormant souls, inner strength enthral.

Transcending the dream, sensing reality's core,

Awakening from a dream, blooming evermore.


About the Creator

Reynol Brennan

A small blogger who shares emotions, life, life insights, and short stories, and provides everyone with happiness, growth, and common sense of life.

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