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My Beloved

By Victor MendezPublished 3 months ago 2 min read



I'm tired

The wrinkles are winning

And I have lost everything

But a wish...

I want to be

That little photon of light

Birthed in the sun 10,000 years ago

That finally made it's escape

And travelled 93,000,000 miles more..

In 8 minutes!

To the world of men

Surviving all the trials and troubles

Of raging fires

Dark and airless voids

To land softly

And gift what I have left

On the one with the darkest, gorgeous hair.

To be the air

And breath of life

That sustains the beauty of her smile

To caress skin so sweet

So tender

So lovely

To just look at you is enough.

Just one more touch

Of fingers intertwined in mine.

I miss that,

and thus I wait eager upon my next life

To see you again

For that,

I cannot accept one life

For what lie of passion would that be

To say I will love you forever

Then die an ignoble death bereft of you?

I will not bow to a god that is uncertain

When I have been surrounded by your essence..

Would that not be madness?

To believe in the unseen

And forsake the hand of the one that lit the stars on fire for me?

Even now I am in the throes of illusion..

To believe a love that defies time

And boundaries of weak flesh.

I've not but tears..

And time..

Not even a god to comfort this broken meat..

So I choose the insanities and absurdities

Of what is mine

Dare I choose between time and death?

Or even God?

Yes! I will wait an eternity

Plus one day more

For the lovely thief that took

What I thought could not be

And left but a marionette

Without even strings to dance..

So I will wait,

Lift a glass that final day..

To celebrate. And

chase my beloved in joyous laughter once more..

And the stars will burn brighter!

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About the Creator

Victor Mendez

Born in 1958.There's a lot of road beneath these feet.Worn out pairs upon pairs of shoes.Been a ranch kid,a city kid,a Marine,a dad, a grandfather now,an avid reader and just recently began writing poetry in 2015 just to vent.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This was poignant yet so beautiful! What a wonderful poem!

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    well written

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