Arthur Rimbaud: 'Fairy' and 'Democracy' (1886)

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Arthur Rimbaud: 'Fairy' and 'Democracy' (1886)


For Helen, the ornamental saps conspired, in the virgin shadows and the impassible clarity of the astral silence.

The ardor of summer confided in the noiseless birds, and the requisite indolence of a ship in mourning, without expense, literally priceless, sailed through gulfs of dead loves and fallen fragrances.

After the short song of the female lumberjack, to the rumble of the torrent in the ruined woods; to the tinkling of cowbells in the echoing vales, and the cries of the steppes--

For the children of Helen trembled the furs and the shadows, in the bosom of the poor, in the legends of the sky.

And her eyes, and her superior dancing, even more so the precious light!--to the pleasure of the scenery in this unique hour.


The flag flies over the revolting scenery, while our curses muffle the drum.

In all the great city centers, we'll nourish the most cynical hunger for prostitution. We'll massacre the logical rebellion that follows.

In rain-soaked lands of peppery spices!--at the service of the most monstrous exploitation, be it industrial or military.

Farewell to all that has been! Recruits who wish for good, we'll have as our philosophy, ferocity! Ignorant as to science, hungering for creature comforts, We'll let the world go to HELL!

These are your marching orders! Forward, hup!

Tom Baker
Tom Baker
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