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by Mike Owczarek about a year ago in love poems
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Our Colors

Blue and green come together.

Sparking their own color.

Mindset that of changing weather

each time I open a new door.

So many combinations

when introduced to one another.

Those are the relations

I uniquely find,

get floored with, and adore.

The hues.

From all of her, him, me and you,

we find an energy to do.





My favorite color; unique.

Because we have so many colors to give.

This is how I connect.

We create magic.

Our new 'aqua',

it is in our persona,

I want to see what it is.

Our blend.

Our mix.

The same way blue and green come together,

I search for that color.

Our lives.

We live.

love poems

About the author

Mike Owczarek

I journal and take notes with a pen, and I write poetry with a marker.

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