Apologies Pt. 2

by Crissy DXCII 2 years ago in heartbreak

New Me

Apologies Pt. 2

Trying to please what could never be satisfied, not even an address left.

That I could send a letter to.

The apologies could never fix this. I am now twisted.

Like bending your wrist behind your back like you did mine.

Now that’s twisted.

And the twist is you apologized too many times.

I got immune to it and I still stayed.

Only way I could have been saved was to accept me.

Not the me you first met, the new me.

The new litter of apology. It’s nice to meet you.

I have known you for a while but this is our first meet.

Crissy DXCII
Crissy DXCII
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