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By PoetsPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Apathy, a state of mind, devoid of care,

A heart, that beats, without a single repair.

It's a void, that swallows, the passion and the fire,

And a fog, that clouds, the hopes and desires.

Apathy, is a thief, that steals our soul,

A prison, that confines, the heart's goal.

It's a weight, that holds us, in a lethargic state,

And a shadow, that hides, the beauty of fate.

It's a silence, that speaks, louder than words,

And a scream, that echoes, with the sound of birds.

It's a fire, that dies, without a single spark,

And a wound, that heals, without a single mark.

Apathy, is a disease, that spreads, through the land,

A toxin, that infects, with its gentle hand.

It's a curse, that haunts, with its endless pain,

And a trap, that catches, the heart in its chain.

So let us fight, the apathy that we face,

And ignite, the passion, that burns with grace.

For love is the cure, for the heart's cold disdain,

And the fire, that will warm, our soul's refrain.

performance poetry

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