by Courtney Sullivan about a year ago in inspirational

From the Past to the Present


Anxiety makes me feel like a mouse.

Tiny and weak, with a huge, scary world all around me.

Sometimes it feels like I can’t comprehend what’s going on.

My mind can’t make sense of the things I’m feeling and doesn’t know how to react.

My heart beats a million miles a minute and thumps deep in my chest like a drum.

Often times my hands shake and my stomach turns and I feel like throwing up or crying.

Anxiety makes me feel like bad things are going to happen, even on the sunniest of days.

Anxiety has control over me.

Anxiety had control over me.

I decided enough was enough.

Why am I not trying to help myself?

Why am I unintentionally making other people suffer with me?

I tried to find myself.

I started doing more things I love.

I took care of my body.

I took care of my mind.

Now, I breathe in deep and let all my fears out.

Now, I count to ten and just show up.

Now, I feel stronger than the hold anxiety had on me.

Now, I bask in the warmth of those sunny days and let the breeze run through my hair.

Now, I am a sunflower.

Reaching up through the depths of the earth towards the sun and pushing myself to be taller and stronger and brighter than any day before.

Now, I smile at every little thing

And appreciate the world I am lucky enough to live in.

How does it work?
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