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by A. R. Ambrosi 4 years ago in nature poetry
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Poison Flowers

The foul poison you spit at me

Doesn't hurt me anymore

I've found the antidote

I'm forced to swallow it again

Every day

Because your toxins

Have lodged themselves into my psyche

They laid anchor years ago

Took root like a massive oak

But this antidote I've found

Burns away the infection of your spite

And now today it's laughable

That you believe your words can still faze me

My system has built up so much protection

That your deadly nightshade words

Have no effect whatsoever

I see your words now

For precisely what they are

Daggers designed to penetrate my skin

Barbed to embed themselves there

Laced with the venom of the asp

To slowly inject me


With the toxic brew of your own



And hateful, harmful lies

And all wrapped up in a pretty package

Made of a charade of love

Words of condescending concern

And an overblown sense of superiority

And now with a smattering of absurd hyperbole

I never saw before

Having been indoctrinated

With your vile, veiled poisons

For so long it's obscene

But I see now

And that's all that matters

I see now

That you injected me with poisons made of flowers

Of Oleander

And Belladonna

Of Skyflower

And Foxglove

Of Henbane

And Angel's Trumpet

Of Hemlock

And Witches' Weed

Ugly things pretending to be pretty

Just pretty enough to veil their baneful nature

To lure and entice

Then to snare and entrap

All these flowers are just like you

Pretty on the outside

But ugly and harmful on the inside

It seems to me that all you ever wanted

Was to make me as ugly as you

Sorry to tell you

But it didn't work

nature poetry

About the author

A. R. Ambrosi

I like to write, if that makes me a writer, then rock on!

I started writing as a child because I ran out of stuff to read. So, I only write stuff that I like. If you like it too, awesome! Enjoy! ^_^

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