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Angry Ocean

Salty fury

By BuzuPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Angry Ocean
Photo by Xavier Mouton Photographie on Unsplash

The sky, once a canvas of playful blue,

now screams a bruised and stormy hue.

The wind, a restless whisper,

transforms to a banshee's bitter shiver.

Waves, once playful, lapping at the shore,

become giants, hungry for more.

They roar a primal, angry cry,

tearing at cliffs, reaching for the sky.

Whitecaps churn, frothing with rage,

a monstrous ballet on a darkened stage.

Salty spray stings, a bitter kiss,

as the ocean clenches its mighty fist.

Ships, once masters, dance in fear,

tossed like toys, their fate unclear.

The churning depths, once a tranquil home,

now a battleground of churning foam.

The angry ocean, a force unbound,

a primal rage that shakes the ground.

Until, exhausted, it starts to wane,

leaving a world washed clean by rain.

sad poetryElegy

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Verses sculpted from the heart, I'm a poet navigating emotions with ink-stained fingertips. Crafting tales that dance between reality and dreams, my words paint a symphony of feelings in the canvas of life. 📜✨ #PoetLife #Wordsmith

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