Angel's Eyes

by E. NATASHA 11 months ago in surreal poetry

Fallen Angel of the Earth

Angel's Eyes

The winter white angel plays in the sky

At the gate of heaven where snow never feels cold

She walks and run between the waves of dancing clouds

The star's light also never let her fly in the dark

Guide every step so she doesn't fall

The song of the wind comes greeting with a gift

For little angels with the most beautiful hearts

She open the gift and reading imagination

To see another side of life named, human

She releases the wings and walk among the crowd

Feel the warmth of human breathing around

She smiles looking at thousands of facial lines

She ran and laughed among the children

Like no burden to think about the future

She stopped at a foreign house with plenty of space

She looks at a mother's love for her child

Seeing brother's affection for his sister

Amazed to see father's struggle for his family

She stepped into another house glowing black

Loud noise accompanied by broken glass

Seen a woman sitting in the corner of the room

Closed her face which was wet with tears

And a little boy tries to comfort her

The sound of anger continued to be heard

Crying and she keeps asking where life justice is

A weary soul that stands at the lowest point of life

Desperate and doubt whether her prayer is still heard

The time round brings angels into a high building

Staring at serious faces in busyness

The word sounded short like a boss's order

A minimalist smile pictured on the face towards depression

Happiness that is far hidden behind neat clothes

But they still stand between dreams and promises

Measure time with their freedom as human beings

Inviting drama and imagery with a plate of lies

Whether going to the top, must go through betrayal?

Behind the hospital wall she heard a million prayers

A million hopes for good, one more day

In the school yard she saw a thousand dreams

Future expectations will give them opportunities

Street children looked at her in sadness

Try to find a way home to get an angel's love

The old couple in the garden looked at her lovingly

Send a message that eternal love still exists

In a sacred place no one can see

The little angel walked over the beach

Among people who denial her existence

City life gave birth to her independent

In the countryside she knew togetherness

Difficult days often bring miracles

Loneliness brings strength to reality

She smiled at the life she had never felt

The last moment is getting closer to the finish line

To back home with a red line of questions

What are angel readings?

surreal poetry
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