The Climber

by E. NATASHA about a year ago in inspirational

For Each Step Brings Summits Closer

The Climber

For each step brings summits closer

Reach their confidence dreams in pervasive rain

In the cold design from the earth stage

Nature smiles and worships their presence

The black shadow moves like an endless line

Little star light become mountain lanterns

Their footsteps as witnesses without sound

Make those who don't understand want to ask

What exactly are you looking for up there?

The climber smiles for reasons without words

For night stories bring souls closer

In a heaven camp that not everyone can see

Throw away a tired box with a million laughs

Cool friendship like all seasons could control

Adore the night of the darkness tower

You start play words in a cup of coffee

Your breath feel free for a longer space

Staring at promises written by the campfire

The night angel shared a dream behind the tent

Beautiful moment where it's free to forget the days

For a journey brings wisdom closer

Standing at height, walking on the clouds

Halfway to the very sky

Touched by fortune, kissed by grace

Try to make sense of what you see

However difficult life may seem

Easy to despair is not your character

Giving up will never be your way

Getting lost is just a funny story

So cool, calm and full of life, that is you

The climber still stands for much more difficult path

Would the mountain know their master?

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