An Autumn's Spring

Every autumn has its spring.

An Autumn's Spring

Of the unspoken emotions

That we reflect in a fight,

Of the innocent intents

Howling out of our souls

Lies our light,

For we know what WE are made of

It’s those pauses and not words

Emotions unspoken, not Unheard.

For the moments

Of voids and gaps,

Like holding a vacuum

And feelings unknown, back.

For the silence,

That slowly creep into US,

Gnawing on all

That is left of the throat for thirst.

The nights that follow

Are not as dark,

For your seeking arms

Rip the voids apart;

Your breath on my skin

Instills a being

Like every Autumn

Has its Spring.

nature poetry
Sanjana Tripathi
Sanjana Tripathi
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Sanjana Tripathi

I am a bibliophile and an avid listener. Insightful discussions and good reads are my ideas of Turn On. I write to give structure to the randoms feelings crowding in my head-space.

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