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An Alien Adventure

In New York with new friends...

By Morgan Rhianna BlandPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
An Alien Adventure
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

It started like every other boring day

Coffee in hand, I prepared to work hard

When outside the trees began to sway

And I heard a strange noise in the front yard

I opened the door in search of the sound

And like an eclipse, the sky went dark

As a flying saucer touched down

And little green men disembarked

“We come in peace. There’s no need to fear,”

Said the leader in his alien tongue.

“We’re vacationing on Earth here.

Can you show us where to have fun?”

“There’s nothing to do here!” I said

“No libraries, theaters, or shopping mall

Dudes, this town is so dead

Unless you like church or football!”

“The people fear what they don’t understand

With all the individuality of a plastic spork!

You guys sure picked the wrong place to land,

But if you take me with you, I’ll show you New York.”

The aliens agreed, so I grabbed my pets,

Packed my bags and boarded the spaceship

With a button’s push, the engine roared like a jet

We fastened our seatbelts and took off with a zip!

At our destination, we landed with a grunt

Prepared for a police encounter of some kind

The New Yorkers thought it was a publicity stunt

And passed by, without paying any mind

“See, I told you this is where we belong!”

I said to my alien friends, leading the way

Down crowded streets through the throng

As we started our adventurous day

The Museum of Broadway was our first stop

We passed without so much as a sideways stare

From there, we went to The Drama Book Shop

Then on to Rockefeller Center and Times Square

Standing in line for the night’s Broadway show,

I fears our strange looks would keep us on the streets

The ushers simply said, “Nice cosplays, bro!”

And showed us inside to our seats

The night done, time for my friends to roam

Back to their planet beyond the skyline

They offered to drop me off at home

But it was an offer I had to decline

“Leave me here or take me to outer space,”

I said as they bid their goodbyes,

“I’m not going back to that humdrum place.

Thanks for the adventure, guys!”


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