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Amidst the Gloom: Reflections of a World Reimagined

Awe-Inspiring Reflections of a Mysterious World

By Vicky TenthPublished about a year ago 2 min read
Amidst the Gloom: Reflections of a World Reimagined
Photo by Karl Hedin on Unsplash

She spoke with a voice that filled the room

Soft and melodic, it had a certain boom

It reverberated and vibrated throughout the night

A voice that wanted to take flight

Her voice was so unique, it had a special tone

It seemed to have an undertone

It was so powerful, it filled the air

It was something that everyone wanted to share

Her voice had a certain timbre

That made everyone remember

The way it sounded so sweet

It was something hard to beat

She sang with a passion like no other

It seemed to be her brother

The notes she held for so long

Came together in a beautiful song

Her words had a certain strength

That brought the audience to its length

The power of her words was something to behold

It was something that could never be sold

Her voice had a certain allure

That made it so pure

The way it captivated the crowd

Was something that was so loud

The power of her voice was something that no one could ignore

It filled the room with an energy that was so pure

Her voice was something that could never be replaced

It was something that would always be graced.

The words she spoke were full of pain

A past that had left her feeling drained

Yet, the allusion and foreshadowing of her story

Like a force of nature, made us worry

The suspense of her tale kept us on our toes

The pacing was steady, but the drama still arose

We wanted to know what happened that day

And why she was so desperate to stay away

From that fateful day she had been running

Until she found a place that was safe and calming

But in her story there were still so many questions

We wanted to know the answers to all her confessions

She told us of the hurt and pain she had felt

The fear in her heart that she had not been dealt

The sorrow that had taken her breath away

She was ready to accept the judgement of today

But as she spoke, we could feel the power of her voice

It was strong and full of conviction, it was her choice

The dialogue brought her story to life

And we could feel the emotions of her strife

The pacing of her story was cleverly set

It made us wonder and wait to hear the rest

The suspense it heightened, the drama unfolded

As she spoke, her story was slowly moulded

We came to understand the life she had been through

The struggles and heartache, the pain she had knew

The power of her story, it was so strong

That it took us all along

For a journey that was long and winding

A story of pain, but with a happy ending

The cleverly paced material had us enthralled

As she spoke, we were ready to answer the call

She had finally found a place that was safe

Where she could be free from her past mistakes

The clever pacing of her story had given her voice

The power to tell her story and make the right choice.

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