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am going crazy

my crush

By Patrick EtyangPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
am going crazy
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"Actions speak louder than words."

"Honesty is the best policy."

"Love knows no bounds."

"A friend in need is a friend indeed."

"Love conquers all."

"Respect is earned, not given."

"Where there's a will, there's a way."

"Love is blind."

"The heart wants what it wants."

"A problem shared is a problem halved."

"Actions speak louder than words."

"United we stand, divided we fall."

"Love makes the world go round."

"To love is to admire with the heart."

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind."

"Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop."

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Patrick Etyang

I am a top writer and invite readers to embark on my remarkable experiences through my writing. Immerse yourself in the depths of human experience with everything from heartbreaking drama to spine-tingling thrills.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    My favourite is the heart wants what it wants. Loved your poem!

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