Always & Forever

by Crystal Rickman about a month ago in love poems

Gypsy travels

Always & Forever
Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

Tell me that you love me

Make my heart your home

So as my Gypsy soul runs wild

I’ll never be alone

Starry skies

Mountain highs

Oceans near and far

No matter where the roads will lead

No matter where I go

The love I have for you

Will always guide me home

Home to the place I feel most peace

Home to the place where my world is complete

To your arms I’ll always return

No matter where I roam

A love so big distance can’t erase

Eagerly waiting for our next embrace

Always and forever

Your heart will be my home

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Crystal Rickman
Crystal Rickman
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Crystal Rickman

Young 45 figuring life out. I love words and feel I can express myself best when they are written.

Starting over means taking chances so why not take a chance on putting my words out there... Hoping my honesty and openness can touch people.

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