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By Peter RosePublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 2 min read

Amiable Americans, amble about,

achieving advancement and abeyance.

Abroad and abstemious afloat,

Afflicted, allocated ambience adventurous.


Brethren, behold, beauty before brilliance,

bring bunches, boughs, bring bright blooms.

Be bewitched by bounteous benefaction,

begin bowing before breathless bravura.


Crisp clean covering,

created collages colourful.

Creeping clouds corresponding,

Cosmetic correction cheerful.


Death, disguised, diluted,

decay, distilled, diminished.

Dread, dismay, disputed,

divided, deaf, deceived.


Earnest endeavour, endless editing.

excruciating effort, ending exciting.

Evaporating effervescence, empowering environmental,

exacting editors, eliminate experimental.

Education eliciting efforts exciting ephemeral.


Fearful filled frivolity,

fertile feeble failings.

Fast favoured familiarity,

falling fashion fancying’s.


Greatness giddying, going,

glumness grinding, gnawing.

Glory growing, glowing,

Gorgon gorge, gouging.


Hate hammered, hatefully,

haste hovered helpfully.

His high historically

heroin hushed heresy.


Interestingly, integrated intelligence,

interrupts illegal invasions.

Interpreters’ invention incense,

Illness inhibitors interventions.


Just jumping, juddering

juicing, jugs.

Join jiving jiggering,

Judging, jerks.


Keep kegs kindly,

knock karate, knowing.

Kafka knew Kiley,

Kendo key, knitting.


Lost Labrador lies,

listless lifeless light.

Leaping livestock leans,

leering leaving like.


Morning mist

Moving mud

Missing mother

Murder maybe

Mystery made

Misery mounts

Moment moves

Mother magic

Mayhem mitigate.

Morning munificent.


Near nothing new,

next natural nature.

Nautical nausea knew,

nominate no nurture.


Old obedience or obligation,

objection ordered over oath.

Out obscure observation,

obscene ordination odd oaf.


Pack possessions proud,

put parcels padded plenty.

Plod paranoia pound,

pick people poor pedigree.


Quick quids, quoted quandary,

qualify quaking quaint.

Questionable quiver quotient,

quoted quizzical quake.


Replace resplendent reptilian,

regal recovery repeated.

Regard realisation rendition,

Recycle redundant retreated.


Save sad situation,

survive, surmount, salvo.

Sanctuary seeks stimulation,

Scruples seal survival.


Tall tales tell tattle,

tear truth to tatters.

Tarnish tease then temple,

testing things to topple.


Under ulcerous ultimation,

unconscious, unable, uncertain.

Upturn ultimate utility,

useful unique urbanisation.


Victory, validation valour,

very vague virtues.

Valiant vagrant, violator,

vipers voyeur vulture?


Will words work wonders?

Will walk wind windows?

Will winter wipe waters?

Will waiting win wages?


X-ray explore xenolith,

xenophobic explain xerox.

Xerography experience xylene,

xenon explodes xylose.


Zoological zooming zones,

zithers zenith zest.

Zealous zodiac zounds,

zipping Zen zymurgy.


surreal poetry

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Peter Rose

Collections of "my" vocal essays with additions, are available as printed books ASIN 197680615 and 1980878536 also some fictional works and some e books available at Amazon;-



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