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All On My Own (II)

Self Reflection - Poetry

By Ann Silvers Published about a month ago 2 min read

Alone I stand, surveying all that lies before me,

No one to hold my hand, no other soul to see.

Just me and my own thoughts, my constant inner guide,

As I navigate this journey, all on my own with pride.

It's in these solitary moments that I truly come alive,

Unencumbered by the noise, free to introspect and thrive.

For it is only when I'm alone that I can truly see

The depths of who I am, the person that I long to be.

I peer into the mirror, a reflection staring back,

And ask myself the questions that my heart can't help but hack.

Who am I, truly? What is my purpose in this life?

These queries, they consume me, a never-ending strife.

But in the silence, I find the answers start to bloom,

Emerging from the shadows, dispelling the internal gloom.

I see myself with clarity, flaws and all laid bare,

And in that vulnerability, I find a strength to dare.

To be my truest self, to live authentically,

Without the need to impress, to simply just be me.

It's in these moments alone that I can strip away the mask,

And focus on the person I was born to unmask.

The world may call me strange, may question my resolve,

But I stand firm in my truth, my identity to evolve.

For I am the captain of this ship, the master of my soul,

And I'll navigate these waters, all on my own, in full control.

No need for validation, no thirst for others' praise,

I find my worth within, in the paths that I now blaze.

My own thoughts my companion, my own heart my constant guide,

As I explore the depths of who I am, with nowhere left to hide.

It's a journey of self-discovery, a odyssey of the mind,

Revealing layers upon layers of the person I will find.

And though the path may twist and turn, presenting new hurdles to face,

I will continue onward, unafraid, at my own steady pace.

For in this solitude, I find a peace that's hard to match,

A chance to truly be myself, without the need to patch

The cracks and crevices that make me who I am.

I embrace them all, the unique parts of this solitary plan.

So I'll keep walking this road, my steps firm and my head held high,

Reveling in the freedom that comes when it's just me and the sky.

No need for anyone else, no desire to be heard,

Just me and my own thoughts, the only sound my own words.

All on my own, I'll continue on, my spirit unbound and free,

Discovering the beauty that lies in this quiet reverie.

For it is only in solitude that I can truly see

The depths of who I am, the person I'm meant to be.


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Ann Silvers

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