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Alive Again

…all I need

By A.MoriahPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Yours is the face I see

When the lights go out

When all else fades

When I’m left alone

With only

My thoughts

My desires

My cravings.

Yours is the voice I hear

When words lose meaning

When silence falls

When yearning awakens

It beckons me

Entices me

Excites me.

Yours is the touch I long for

When the night is cold and dark

I crave the warmth of your embrace.

Yours is the love I need

When summer’s warmth fades

When the sky becomes cloudy and grey

Your love, filling me

Your arms, encompassing me

It’s everything I desire.

You are all I need

To come alive again.

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About the Creator


At heart, I am a nature loving, historically enthusiastic, artist and writer.

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    A.MoriahWritten by A.Moriah

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