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Against The Wall


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Our relationship has seen everything on every scale.

All of those moments where we achieve or fail.

Passion felt in the greatest abundance.

Where the ground is taken from under us.

You hold me to make sure I don't fall.

Kissing me against the wall.

But passion can easily turn sour.

Turning into something untoward within the hour.

No matter how many words are spoken.

The connection will eventually become broken.

The emotion gets too much for you to enthral.

Shoving me against the wall.

A wall can be broken down or built.

It's contents made up or spilt.

Does it have the strength to protect?

Or is it too weak to stay erect?

Feeling like a deaf person waiting for a phone call.

Trapped against the wall.

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Paul Crocker

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