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Abuela Lavinia

A Villanelle Poem

By ReileyPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
My Grandmother Lavinia, 1970.

As the light fades into a retreating night,

The doctors and everyone else say that your mind does fizzle.

You do remember me, right?


A woman always with a smile so bright.

My grandmother who taught me what it was to never shrivel

As the light fades into a retreating night.


You endured every single fight

Even with a memory that started to sizzle.

You do remember me, right?


A historied woman who came on a flight

To this country: your loved ones share stories official

As the light fades into a retreating night.


I think of you as you rest tonight

And I cannot help it if it's loud, my sniffle.

You do remember me, right?


I hope one day that we can reunite

When everything no longer feels so superficial.

As the light fades into a retreating night,

You do remember me...right?

For my grandmother: in memory. 20 August 1932 - 8 December 2023

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I hope you enjoy diving into the world of my mind's constant creative workings.

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  • Hannah Moore30 days ago

    This is not a form that's easy, but you've used it perfectly here!

  • Rachel Deemingabout a month ago

    What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. Sorry for your loss. What a way to commemorate her.

  • Paul Stewart5 months ago

    Aw, damn. This was powerful, so heartbreaking, yet with so much beauty. Well done on a stunning tribute piece and sending you prayers and love. Sorry for your loss.

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