A Very Unpopular Opinion

How Does it feel to be black and a women in America?

Spoken Word

A Very Unpopular Opinion

Written by: Trulei

How does is feel to be black and a woman in America ?

Under rated

Never congratulated

Most hated

Unshackled , not emancipated

Climb out of the mud ,

highly educated

Sky is the limit

yet I’m bumping my head on yo glass ceilings ,

Sound proof your homes , fences off your neighborhoods, colonized the history and regurgitated it back to me

While my sister pulls on my leg, bucket fed

And my bother can’t over the “ what’s on top of my head”

Using my face as target practice, blue printed

segmented , barcoded i’m safe if i’m making you bread

Smile your too pretty, to look like that, you mad?

powder your nose , wear tighter clothes ,

keep my mouth closed , you got this, you know how my story goes, because you wrote it.

It’s History

But when did no become yes and no again become try harder , I mean it is his- story

I speak up! Because that is not what I said.

Now I’m too rowdy, loose the attitude it was just a jokey jokey. I mean you do got that donk

When the ass is a certain size you can just grab it,

Raped, violated,Shhhhhh just

Play nicer, Work ten times harder , be smarter.

But you should show a little skin, a little more. justtt a little more. turn around , show them what you got. if you want to make it, you gotta shake what your mama gave yah …HOE

I said No ,now Im Defiant , starting riots ,

You like the 808s but not the sound my voice behind it.

Speaking truth. All Natural, Standing tall

Against your protocol, walking. SSkkerrt we have probable cause, hands against the wall, knee in my black , must of done something, she MUST have deserved that.

Entitled to me, You want me , no , just my body , and when you get me you got me, now you’ve had me , you trash me

Don’t worry she can handled it she’s black.

Aww , suicidal, feeling down and depressed we got a prescription for that. Poison , Zombified addicted and docile. But Im not.

I won’t and I don’t, I see you aiming for me

Now you’re scared.

Call the police

You’ve already put a bullet in my head and pronounced me dead . Before you’ve even met me.

This, is how it feel to be black and a woman in America,

and you DAMN right I’m mad.

social commentary
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Trulei Versatile is a Houston Native, she produces interdisciplinary art in the realms of performance, professional photography and poetry. She is inspired by her own personal experiences and the impact of daily social interactions.

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