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A Velvet Touch

From the deepest core of your Being

By Rene Volpi Published 5 months ago 1 min read

How hard could it be

To go back to our roots?

We don't need influencers

We don't need fancy talk.

All we need we already are

All we need… we have forgotten.

With all the wisdom we were given and all the knowledge that we obtained

We are still lost in the forest

Waiting for something that's been hidden

and at some point

left behind.

In this convoluted state we find ourselves living in

and all the banalities we use to distract

we forget to go within

We neglect the gems inside

Transcending grace, elegance, and magic

and freeing your Soul

since your time has come.



About the Creator

Rene Volpi

I'm from Italy and write every day. Being a storyteller by nature, I've entertained (and annoyed) people with my "expositions" since I was a child, showing everyone my primitive drawings, doodles, and poems. Still do! Leave me a comment :)

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  • Manisha Dhalani5 months ago

    "and all the banalities we use to distract" - tell me about it. Wonderful writing!

  • This was so deep and thought provoking. Loved your poem!

  • Novel Allen5 months ago

    So true, we have almost lost our identities in the mad rush to be seen and heard. I miss my roots, it is bogged down in the every day crush. Great poem.

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