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A Twilight Love Part 2

a happy one

By KarunPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
A Twilight Love Part 2
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In the fading light of day,

I met you in the twilight,

And as the sun began to set,

I felt my heart take flight.

Your eyes were like the stars above,

Shimmering in the evening sky,

And as we talked, I knew in my heart,

That this was no ordinary guy.

For in your presence, I felt alive,

A sense of peace I'd never known,

And as we laughed and shared our dreams,

I knew my heart had found its home.

As the hours slipped away,

And the world around us grew dark,

We held each other close,

And I felt the beat of your heart.

And at that moment, I knew,

That our love was something rare,

A love that would stand the test of time,

love beyond compare.

Now as I look back on that day,

And the love that we have found,

I am grateful for the twilight,

And the love that brought us around.

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Poetry that explores the intersection of feelings and nature is a common theme among many poets I am Karun. Started writing poems to express feelings and find feelings! They show innermost feelings can reflect in external world. AESTHELTE

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)2 months ago


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